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FUZHOU HUAKE ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT CO., LTD.|High precision balance|Electronic scale|Counting Scale|Weighing Scale|Indicator|Jewelry Scale
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China Mainland Office Address: NO.6 Building, Platinum Age, No.303 hualin Road, Fuzhou 350000, China 
Tel: 0086-591-87586488

Mobile: +86-13905041857; +86-18850986528; +86-15060039645

Fax: 0086-591-87585488   

E-mail: sales@twhkdz.com; sales1@twhkdz.com; response@twhkdz.com; 345086500@qq.com

Web: http://www.spchayouya.com


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HENGKE & HUAKE Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd are the subsidiaries of Taiwan HONDER Weighing Scale Co. Ltd, which is one of the famous Weighing Instrument Manufacturers in Taiwan. 

With our vast experience in the design, development and marketing of balances and scales in the Laboratory, Industrial, Education, Retail, Food, Jewelry and specialty markets, HENGKE & HUAKE has earned its reputation as a trusted global supplier of precise, reliable and affordable products that meet virtually any weighing need. We remain firmly focused on continuing our long-standing record of success and on expanding our global presence with new products, new solutions and new relationships around the world.

We offer the best value, provide the highest quality, and have the perfect product to fulfill your weighing needs. It is the exactly weighing device that you can trust. We have succeeded by delivering quality products that meet customers' needs and supporting those products with responsive, reliable customer service.

HENGKE & HUAKE’s Products: Split Type Precision Balance, high precision balance, electronic scale, tabletop counting scale, Tabletop weighing scale, bench scale, etc.